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The home of the Original Mrs. Dutchie custom tumblers! Some of our tumblers can now be personalized by the customer using the options when ordering the cup.

Items purchased on our site are for personal use or gifts only. They cannot be resold!

Please be aware that any custom orders that are purchased but no options entered will be refunded.

Customizable Tumblers

The Mrs. Dutchie Custom Tumbler became a TikTok sensation over the last few weeks, due to the daily live TikTok by the Brand's owner, Shannon.

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We Ship Internationally!!!

Here are some shipping rates we get from Pirate Ship:

To Canada:
0.5 lbs : $8.99
1.0 lbs : $10.99
2.0 lbs : $14.99
3.0 lbs : $18.99
4.0 lbs : $25.99

To The Rest of the World:
0.5 lbs : $10.99
1.0 lbs : $14.99
2.0 lbs : $18.99
3.0 lbs : $25.99
4.0 lbs : $34.99

Shipping time will be 1 to 4 weeks.